Twitter, Yelp, Qualcomm, Cisco and Yahoo: Meet the Silicon Valley Companies with the Lowest Female Tech Workforce

Almost 50% of Yelp's overall workforce is female. One of the highest ratios officially reported by the tech companies publishing diversity stats. What this statistics hides is the fact that actually only one every 10 tech employees is a girl. And this is a grim number, which ranks Yelp as the least gender diverse company in Silicon Valley. Yahoo is not much better. With a 37% female employees, its workforce base is quite gender balanced. Yet women are only 15% of its tech workforce.

CrossCom, NVIDIA, Qualcomm and Cisco have the lowest percentage of female workforce. And women aren't more than a third of the overall workforce in 15 of the 26 companies who report the numbers. This includes giants like Microsoft (28%), Apple (30%), Twitter (30%), Google (30%) and Facebook (32%).

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Source: Official reports published by each company. Details here.

More female in the overall workforce doesn't always go hand in hand with more female tech employees. Twitter and Yelp, for example, both have less girl techies than their overall stats would make you expect. 

Tech and Overall Women in Workforce

Source: Official reports published by each company. Details here.

Leadership is another issue of the tech glass ceiling. Although the numbers seem better than those for tech jobs. Yelp, Indiegogo, Pandora and Airbnb are the most gender balanced tech giants, with 39-48% women leaders in the company.

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Source: Official reports published by each company. Details here.

Companies with more women leader's don't necessarily have more women employed in tech jobs. Twitter, for example, has 21% women in its leadership team. But only 10% of its tech employees are ladies. Pandora also has many female leaders (39%), but the number shrinks significantly to 18% for tech workforce.

SanDisk, Salesforce and Pinterest are the only three companies, out of 26, where gender diversity is (slightly) higher in tech than in leadership. Still, none has more than 20% female tech employees.

Women in Leadership and Tech Workforce

Source: Official reports published by each company. Details here.

The statistics on this page use data from official reports published by 26 companies between 2014 and 2015. Read details about each source here

The numbers are meant to give insights and raise awareness on the importance of transparency about the diversity of a companies' employees. They are not a big enough sample to be considered representative of the whole industry. They should however be interpreted as a "work in progress" in the documentation about this issue.

Also, Please note that different companies might differ in methodologies for reporting this data.

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