Patreon1714.3%15.75%26/11/20142013Privately HeldEntertainment11-50 employeesSam YamJack ConteMaleMale0%San Francisco, CA, USASan FranciscoCaliforniaUSADo you want to live in a dystopian future devoid of creators?Neither do we.Patreon makes it possible for creators and artists to get paid for their creations by empowering them to do what they love. We send thousands of checks to creators every month, allowing creators to quit their job at the grocery store, or work one less day a week at the coffee shop. Creators have even been able to hire employees from patronage on our site to help them build their own media companies.Everyone in the Patreon family is deeply invested in the mission of paying creators. Our goal is nothing short of changing the very way in which creators are paid for their work, moving from ad-supported creations back to “old-school” Medici style patronage.In just over one year, 12,000 financially active creators have joined our ranks, along with 250,000 patrons. Together, we're sending more than $2.5 million each month to artists, making it possible for them to continue populating the internet with beautiful things that millions of people enjoy.Our investors include Alexis Ohanion, the co-founder of Reddit, [if he was a smarter investor he’d ip block us from access to his site.] and Sam Altman, the president of Y-Combinator.We’re putting everything we have into making sure that artists can earn a living doing what they love and continue to create beautiful things. If this is a mission that resonates with and inspires you, we’d love to chat. Check us out here: your passion, follow your dreams.