Women Software Engineers Are Well-Represented... in Small Companies, Aimed at Women.

Less than 7% of the 207 companies surveyed by Tracy Chou have 50% or more women in their engineering team. In comparison, 14% of them have an all-male team. Two of these female dominates companies are particularly targeted at female users (Tog+PorterHackbright Academy), and one (Spitfire Athlete) has a particular interest in a female audience, being focused on  "empowering women".

These female-friendly teams are all small: none has more than 10 software engineers, and all but one of them (Scientific Learning) actually have at most four. The only two 100% women engineering teams are in fact made up respectively of one and two engineers

Companies with 50% or More Female Engineers

Page Title
Percentage Female Engineers
Total Engineers
Tog+PorterTog + Porter is a online personal styling and shopping service for women.100.0%1
Spitfire AthleteSpitfire Athlete is a strength training app that empowers you to strength train and achieve their goals. -athlete#sthash.sZAi6u83.dpuf100.0%2
KabinetKabinet is the beauty industry's new PR tool, combining the best of digital with deep real world engagement.100.0%2
Northwest Independent Ruby DevelopmentNIRD is a boutique technical consulting firm servicing companies and individuals who require technical solutions to hard business problems87.5%8
The MuseThe Muse is a job board offering job opportunities and expert advice on career planning.75.0%4
YellowsmithYellowsmith produces jewelry designed by indie designers and voted on by consumers.66.7%3
Wizard Development66.7%3
Hackbright AcademyHackbright Academy is a 10-week accelerated software development training program for women.66.7%3
AdmittedlyAdmitted.ly is the ultimate online college advisory tool for high school students, their parents, and guidance counselors. We collect over 500 data points per student and use that data to show students which schools they should be applying to, whether those schools fall into their reach, target, or safer categories, and then offer targeted recommendations to improve their chances based on their interests, location, goals, and budget.50.0%2
LaunchBitLaunchBit is an advertising platform for B2B professionals to target audiences via email newsletters and niche blogs.50.0%2
Scientific LearningScientific Learning offers learning solutions are in over 45 countries around the world to improve cognitive, language and literacy skills.50.0%10
Code for AmericaCode for America is an organization improving the relationship between citizens and the government through technology and public service.50.0%4
Walker & Company BrandsWe make health and beauty simple for people of color50.0%4
TetherpadLeave Now mobile smart calendar50.0%2

Companies were women are more than half of the software engineering team

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