Female Founders, a Rarity in Software Companies. Only 13% in the Companies Crowdsourced by Tracy Chou

Gender of Founders in 207 Software Companies
Founder(s) - Gender

Of the 207 software companies for which Tracy Chou collected data, women founders are only 13% of the total. 

If we dig deeper, 159 of the 207 companies are founded only by men. At the other end, only 13 have an all-girl founding team.

Number of Software Companies Grouped by Percentage of Female Founders.

The companies with higher percentage of girls in their software engineering teams are also more likely to have been founded by a higher percentage of ladies. Overall, male founders are 86% of the total. But this ratio drops to 65% for companies with at least 33% of women in the software engineering team. And companies where the women are more than 2/3 of all the engineers are ladies, the number of female founders is higher than men's.

Gender of Founders in Companies with 1/3 or More Female Software Engineers.

Gender of Founders in Companies with 2/3 or More Female Software Engineers.

Percentage of Women Founders and Percentage Female Engineers in Each Company

The statistics on this page use data crowdsourced by Tracy Chou, Software Engineer at Pinterest. We added data on the founders and their gender.

These stats are meant to give insights and raise awareness on the importance of transparency about the diversity of a companies' employees. They are not a big enough sample to be considered representative of the whole industry. They should however be interpreted as a "work in progress" in the documentation about this issue.

Also, Please note that different companies might differ in methodologies for reporting this data.

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